Saturday, February 4, 2012


Happy weekend to all! I hope that this week has been filled with many accomplishments for all of you. I'll be taking a minute to remember my beautiful Guadalajara, the city where I was born, and I'd like to share some photos from there!
Universidad de Guadalajara

Plaza Tapatia 1
Plaza Tapatia 2
Plaza de Armas
Templo Expiatorio
Teatro Diana
Rotonda de los Hombres Ilustres de Jalisco
Arcos del Milenio
Plaza Guadalajara
Los Arcos
Av  Chapultepec
Mercado Libertad o San Juan de Dios
Mercado Libertad o San Juan de Dios
Puente Atirantado (night)
Puente Atirantado (day)
Plaza Galerias

I love Guadalajara, it is an incredibly beautiful city and its people are very friendly and warm. I hope to return soon to visit my family and enjoy the delicious typical cuisine of Guadalajara Jalisco, the land where Tequila and Mariachi were born.

I hope you'll like too.

Pictures courtesy of EdithVillaseƱor    


sumanasa said...

Wow! such nice photos thank you so much for sharing.

Luisa said...

Beautiful!! I would love to go!!.. I especially would like to do some shopping at the Mercado! :)

Toppy Toppy said...

Actually I used to buy in that Mercado.
In the first picture maybe you can see a lady wearing an grey apron. She sells the best mamey and avocado in the whole market.

Patty said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like a wonderful city!

ifrog crafter said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! <><

Paola said...

Beautiful photos! thank you ;)

SuZeFashion said...

Beautiful photos! The market looks like such a great place to explore.
Que fotos tan bonitas! Me gustaria mucho explorar el mercado, me parece un buen lugar para encontrar frutas y verduras extraordinarias!