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Did Etsy change the rules on how many comments you make in a day?

  There has be no OFFICIAL word from Etsy yet, but it is raging in 

 ETSY SITE HELP (UPDATE, the answer from Etsy is at the end of this post)

The most affected will be BNR's and BNS's, I think they are a lot of fun, 
 I've made good friends through them and  I've found sellers
 that I wouldn't have found otherwise. 

I don't think treasury chatting is a bad thing, 
because it encourages camaraderie among sellers,
 who also happen to be buyers. 
Is something like chatting at a coffeehouse, with the only
difference that it's online.

wrote a post on her Blog  I'm reposting it with her permission


Very rarely do I get upset about something...but here's my recent issue and it's a BIG issue.

I AM MAD AT ETSY! I'm locked out of treasuries. I can NOT comment anymore!  Apparently Etsy has changed it's rules and you are only allowed 100 comments on treasuries in one day. I was running a BNR last night and used them all & I couldn't even run my own BNR! I had to switch to my darling MOM'S SHOP just to TALK and moderate the BNR. This has HUGE implications for all of us.

I can't comment on ANYING until tomorrow! Think about how this will effect the very active users on Etsy:
BNR days. I KNOW we post more than 100 comments in our own we limited to 100 treasury comments a day.
- HUGE implications for those of us on treasury teams!  (See more below)
- For those of us who get featured a lot or pop into BNR/BNS's and heart them for other teams, now we can't even say "hi" because we might use up our 100 comments!

Can you tell?  I'm SO MAD about this. I think it STINKS like a SKUNK!  I've been able to keep a distance with changes on Etsy and "go with the flow."  But as a team leader for a HUGE BNR team that sends out over 600 invitations for a SINGLE BNR, this has serious implications.  It also has SERIOUS implications as to how I can view, look at, heart, & comment on the hundreds of treasuries I see on Etsy a day.

This is more than frustrating! The implications of this are ENORMOUS for all of us, not just our BNRs. It's widely known that Etsy doesn't like BNRs (even though they get LOADS of money in fees from them) and they don't like our treasury teams because we've figured out how to get treasuries to the #1 now they are mixing it up on us and making it more difficult to hit the #1 spot and to get your treasury seen.

Think about it, on a treasury day for one of your teams: if you take a treasury to a team where you have 10-15 treasuries before you that you must comment, click, heart, promote....before too long, that's it....NO MORE FOR YOU!  There are 60 treasury based promotion teams on Etsy.  I understand Etsy's position on Treasury Teams and why they may not like them.  However, there are few people who abuse this.  The teams at times can jam the comments with pages and pages and lists and lists of comments.  In regard to the treasury teams, it now seems that Etsy just "outlawed this" to get "real views" and sincere comments...not a bad approach for the treasury team giants who have wider marketing abilities and high volume users who do nothing but make treasuries all day.

This being said, some people are fortunate enough to have wide visibility and get "featured" in treasuries up to 20 times a day.  Especially if their item made it to the Front Page from a previous treasury.  I am featured on an average of 4 treasuries a day.  Not to bad for a small single type item (I am an all polymer clay based store) storefront.  But, if I would comment on those, take them to my teams where I have to comment on 10 before me.  Already I'm up to 40 comments and I haven't even popped into a BNR to say hi.  NOR have a cross promoted my friends' treasuries and visited the top 10 treasuries or the Front Page treasuries during the day.

As I have said before, I think it stinks. As of right now, I've been featured in Treasuries and I can't even comment on them. Now it looks like I'm a bum & unappreciative of the feature (See tomorrow's post on manners). But, it ALSO means that I can't take them to any teams because I can't comment on anyone else's Treasuries to reciprocate.

There will be more posts on how Etsy handles this in the next few days...but I see complaints coming Etsy's direction...and rightfully so.  However, I can also see the positive side to this too, in regard to sincere correspondences, getting rid of comment "bots," and getting rid of spammers.  Go to the Etsy Admin Forums and post your feelings about it here.  Let Etsy hear from you if you don't like this either.  It won't change if you don't voice your opinion.

Having read this, how do YOU feel about Etsy's new "treasury rules?"  It makes me wonder what else Etsy is up to.....And here's a scarier thought, what happens if Etsy limits the number of HEARTS we can give a day?!

Still don't believe me?!  Need proof?  
Check out last night's Late Night Queens BNR here and watch me turn into a Moose.


We need to hear directly from Etsy and its odd they have not given an statment or a response in the Help Site yet.


 Etsy answer

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