Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Summer is here and all the style is about lightness, we are looking for 
airy fabrics in delicate colors, that can keep us cool. 

There is not point to wear a heavy leather bag 
when our look is easy-breezy.  
Rather than carrying a large tote, we only need a wristlet.

A Wristlet is  a clutch or wallet carried on the wrist by a small attached loop.

Wristlets are clutches with the difference that they have a single wrist strap attached to one side.
 Like clutches, these are small bags, and are meant to hold only a few essentials such as your cell phone, cash and cards, some make up,  and keys. 
   You can carry these bags hands-free by wearing the strap on your wrist, unlike other handbags. 
They are small but leave your hands free for greeting people, holding items, and shopping.

They have become very popular as daily use bags and even for evening wear because they can hold everything you need without getting in the way.   Moms love them because they can carry their daily necessities but stash easily into diaper bags, and College students carry them because they also fit easily into larger backpacks, but can be carried separately without the bulk of a traditional shoulder bag. 

    Wristlets are way much cheaper than traditional clutches,
 so we can afford to buy some.
Go for every trendy neon color,  
or  for some in traditional colors.

Handmade Circle Team in Etsy is celebrating CHRISTMAS in July. From July 1 to 31

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 PLUS: If you buy more than $50.00 I'm going to give you
 a Free Faux Leather Flap Wristlet witn a value of $10.00
Black or Brown


If you want to buy one in some other color, contact me and I'll send a paypal invoice.

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