Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July Auction is open !

Promoting Creative Friends Team
Christmas in July Auction
is now open

Click on the logo below to go to the list of items I have put
up for auction

Click on the next pic to get a list and links to all
the shops that have items up for auction 

The name of the item, retail value, starting bid, description etc
 are all listed for each item.
 At the bottom of each page is the bidding form. 
If you find something you would like to bid on
 - fill out the form in the appropriate places and submit.

~ On July 16 the winning bidders will receive an invoice via paypal for the item they bid on. 
The bidder has 48 hours to pay the invoice. 
If after 48 hours the invoice has not been paid, 
they may be banned from any further auctions.

 **DO NOT BID if you are not going to pay for the item.**

PRIZES: There will be 1-2 prizes awarded each day of the auction to the bidders. 
The winners will be picked randomly.

** At the top of each form is a link 
to the bidding history for the shop. **

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