Monday, October 15, 2012

It is getting colder each day.

It is getting colder each day.

Winter scarfs, caps, hats and gloves, are really an essencial part of our cold time wardrobe.

The uniqueness of every individual hand made item is what's gives it a value. 
In a world that mass produces everything, everytime we make an item by hand, 
we are making one of a kind; we never can make two identical ones.
 I love to tell people that the hat or scarf I'm wearing, 
the hat my grandson is wearing  were custom-made for me.

 Winter hat sets with matching scarf and gloves 
are essential part of the wardrobe in the cold time.  

All scarves can provide warmth; 
knitted and crocheted scarves are casual and sporty, 
bulkier creations, like the cable-knit types, are very popular this time .

 Scarfs come in many size and shapes... 
Infinity scarfs, cowls, scarflettes, long skinny scarfs, buttoned scarfs, 
bulky cowls, moebius, circular scarfs etc.


Caps are popular among men,  and women

the most commonly seen types are baseball, truck-driver and newsboy caps. 


Beanies, dreadlocks and slouchy are unisex,

 and for women, 
the most popular are berets, cloches, ponytail hats, crocheted caps and fur hats. 
Ear flaps, are really popular this winter  

 can name them fingerless gloves, texting gloves, 
writting gloves, reading gloves, mittens, gautletts, wristlets, wristers,
 wrist warmers, hand warmers, driving gloves... 
They will help to protect your hands form the cold, 
yet let you carry on active lifestyle during winter months. 

You can see all the different items ToppyToppy offers to you here

 For custom orders, please contact me!
They can be made in any color and size as you request.


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