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Transparent forms for baby and adult shoes display

ToppyToppyKnits offers you
Transparent forms for shoes display
we have two sizes, baby and adult.

Transparent forms for baby shoes display

These lightweight flexible, thin plastic forms are ideal to display
 knit and crocheted baby shoes, barefoot sandals, crib shoes,
 or any kind of handmade baby shoes !

This plastic form enhances the display 

of Knit and crocheted booties to prospective purchasers.

Are perfect for showing off your baby shoes and baby booties. 

Being transparent, it is almost hidden in use.

Made from a really thin plastic, are not solid, 

the lower portion of the display form is hollow.

Sold in pairs, from one to ten.

These are newborn infant in size. 

Aprox Measurements:

length 9 cm - 3.5 inches 
width 4.2CM - 1 5/8 in
height 5.5CM - 2 1/8

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Plastic Forms for Adulr Shoes  Display    

These lightweight  thin plastic forms are ideal to display Knit or Crochet Shoes, Slippers,  Barefoot Sandals,  Thong Style Sandals,  Ring Style shoes, Toe Rings  etc.

This plastic form enhances the display of Knit and crocheted shoes, sandals, slippers, etc,  to prospective purchasers.

 Sold in pairs. ( one left and one right forms)
Knit slippers are not included. They are to show you how they look.  
Choose your color, flesh or clear.

 22.5cm x 7cm x 8.7cm - 8.86inch x 2.76inch x 3.43inch.

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Please note that shipping is not only the postage, it includes the cost of packing materials, the value of the labor for packaging an item, gas to go to the post office etc.

En Español:
Formas de plastico transparente para exhibir zapatitos de bebé. 

Estas formas plásticas flexibles y ligeras, de plastico delgado son ideales para exhibir sandalias zapatitos, botitas, sandalias descalzas, etc!

Excelentes para fotografías .

Estas formas plásticas mejoran la visualización de los zapatitos tejidos o hechos a mano, atrayendo más a los compradores potenciales.

Son perfectos para lucir los zapatos de bebé y botines del bebé. Al ser transparentes, son casi invisibles al usarlas en las fotografias.

La parte interna e inferior de la formas es hueca.

Se venden en pares.

Son tamaño recién nacido.
longitud de 9 cm - 3,5 pulgadas
anchura los 4.2CM - 1 5/8 pulgadas
altura 5,5 cm - 2 1/8 pulgadas

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Las de adulto, vienen en color carne o

transparentes, a escoger.

miden 22.5cm x 7cm x 8.7cm 
  8.8  x 2.76  x 3.43 pulgadas

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