Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bright jewel tones, the trend for this summer

Bright jewel tones  the trend for this summer

Turquoise  deep purples, blues, reds, emeralds...

ToppyToppyKnits offers the
coolest jewel toned accessories for you

Good for those who are not fans of traditional pastel tones 
usually associated with summer.

 This season trend is about brighter ad juicy jewel tones. 

So, be in trend, it's time to enjoy vivid colors ! 

  Jewel-toned accessories makes these 
simple dress look wonderful  

Welcome the excitement of neon and glitter   

add more colors to your life!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Transparent forms for baby and adult shoes display

ToppyToppyKnits offers you
Transparent forms for shoes display
we have two sizes, baby and adult.

Transparent forms for baby shoes display

These lightweight flexible, thin plastic forms are ideal to display
 knit and crocheted baby shoes, barefoot sandals, crib shoes,
 or any kind of handmade baby shoes !

This plastic form enhances the display 

of Knit and crocheted booties to prospective purchasers.

Are perfect for showing off your baby shoes and baby booties. 

Being transparent, it is almost hidden in use.

Made from a really thin plastic, are not solid, 

the lower portion of the display form is hollow.

Sold in pairs, from one to ten.

These are newborn infant in size. 

Aprox Measurements:

length 9 cm - 3.5 inches 
width 4.2CM - 1 5/8 in
height 5.5CM - 2 1/8

Click here to buy


Plastic Forms for Adulr Shoes  Display    

These lightweight  thin plastic forms are ideal to display Knit or Crochet Shoes, Slippers,  Barefoot Sandals,  Thong Style Sandals,  Ring Style shoes, Toe Rings  etc.

This plastic form enhances the display of Knit and crocheted shoes, sandals, slippers, etc,  to prospective purchasers.

 Sold in pairs. ( one left and one right forms)
Knit slippers are not included. They are to show you how they look.  
Choose your color, flesh or clear.

 22.5cm x 7cm x 8.7cm - 8.86inch x 2.76inch x 3.43inch.

buy them here  

Please note that shipping is not only the postage, it includes the cost of packing materials, the value of the labor for packaging an item, gas to go to the post office etc.

En Español:
Formas de plastico transparente para exhibir zapatitos de bebé. 

Estas formas plásticas flexibles y ligeras, de plastico delgado son ideales para exhibir sandalias zapatitos, botitas, sandalias descalzas, etc!

Excelentes para fotografías .

Estas formas plásticas mejoran la visualización de los zapatitos tejidos o hechos a mano, atrayendo más a los compradores potenciales.

Son perfectos para lucir los zapatos de bebé y botines del bebé. Al ser transparentes, son casi invisibles al usarlas en las fotografias.

La parte interna e inferior de la formas es hueca.

Se venden en pares.

Son tamaño recién nacido.
longitud de 9 cm - 3,5 pulgadas
anchura los 4.2CM - 1 5/8 pulgadas
altura 5,5 cm - 2 1/8 pulgadas

Puedes comprarlas aqui    

Las de adulto, vienen en color carne o

transparentes, a escoger.

miden 22.5cm x 7cm x 8.7cm 
  8.8  x 2.76  x 3.43 pulgadas

                                 Pueden comprarlas cliqueando

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christmas In July 2013

"Christmas In July"
is an Etsy community driven event
 that will held July 11th – July 21st 2013.

Is a Great way to get an early start to your Holiday shopping.

Never too early to start, by starting early, 
you won’t be tempted to shop in an overspending impulse 
like you might do if you wait until the last minute.

 ToppyToppyKnits is celebrating Christmas in July too
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 TOPPYK  for 10% off 

 Do you know how this started?

  Christmas in July started based on the fact that Christmas 
is during the summertime for the southern hemisphere.
The precise beginnings of the Christmas in July tradition is not very clear, 
although it is commonly believed that it actually started in Europe, 
as a way to celebrate Christmas in summer. 
During the summer months in the northern hemisphere, 
the weather becomes increasingly warm 
and many people crave the coolness of winter.

   Though it is not known when it started exactly, i
t is probably from the 80s that it began to be celebrated. 
The earliest Christmas celebrations in July 
saw people throwing parties that imitate the actual Christmas festivities in December.

 The celebrations also included other Christmas traditions like Santa Claus, 
ice cream and other cold foods, and gifts. I
t was held that celebrating in the warm season 
would ensure a strong, happy winter Christmas season.

This untimely Christmas celebration 
is also often ascribed to a group of Irish tourists 
who went for a vacation in Sydney's Blue Mountains 
in the summer months of July in 1980. 
Away from the summer temperatures in their country, 
they were overjoyed at the sight of snow there. 
It is believed that they convinced the proprietor of a local hotel 
in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to hold a party called "Yulefest". 
The idea was an instant hit and caught on the imagination of everyone present there. 
The proprietor saw a golden opportunity in this 
and henceforth held a Christmas Party each year in July. 

  Today, the tradition is so well entrenched in Australia that most restaurants, 
clubs and dining halls, have an official advertised annual catered menu for Christmas in July, 
and are often booked in advance. Most hotels, restaurants, bars, apparel stores, 
gift shops offer special discounts for the occasion. 
During this time, you can find the local gift shops brimming with figurines of Santa and Snowmen. Resorts have special events connected with their Christmas in July celebrations.  

  Christmas in July remains primarily an occasion to remember 
the nothern hemisphere's snow blanketed Christmas nights. 
It is a fun way to satisfy the craving for cooler weather and holiday cheer 
that many people experience during the hottest month of the year.

Christmas in July USA

Did you know there are no national holidays between July 4 and Labor Day?  
 meaning almost two whole months without a holiday. 
Christmas in July gives us an excuse to celebrate!

ToppyToppyKnits is celebrating Christmas in July too

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring and Summer Headbands

Headbands, big trend for spring and summer.

 Warmer weather is not yet in Chicago, but just because the weather hasn’t caught on yet doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself for the warmer temperatures when we can get fresh air and open up our doors and windows!!!

Headbands have a dual purpose. They allow you you to mix fashion and function.
Headbands are so easy and comfortable to wear,  whether worn around the forehead, at your hair line, on top of your head.

You can add an elegant touch, and a splash of color to any outfit. They help you to collect hair back, clearing your face and allowing you to control those rebellious locks, tame the curls or play sports without worrying about hair sticking to your face.

Hair ornaments and jewelry have been used since time immemorial. 
The modern headbands, are believed to have its origins on the garlands that were used by the Greeks and Romans between 475 and 330 BC   
During the 1960s, the diadem became a popular style of the hippie era for men, women and children. 
During the 1990s, the headband evolved to be considered a serious accessory designed to be fashionable in their own right.

Hard Headbands
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The headbands are usually made of hard plastic and are formed to fit around the heads of women and little girls. 
  They come with plastic exposed in a fashion or simply molding design, or are covered with fabric ribbon or yarn.  

Soft Headbands

Soft headbands are usually made from a combination of elastic material, although some might be completely elastic. These headbands can be great additions to an up-or to keep hair spirals away from your face.   
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Headbands for little girls are essential in the spring!
Crochet headbands work wonderfully to keep stray hairs from her face while she plays 

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Soft headbands can take on the appearance of a scarf, thick fabric or yarn may have a small amount of elastic and can also be adorned with decorative pieces like flowers or jewelry cloth. 

A popular appearance headbands are multiple, thin and elastic used together.

Style and elegance

If you love to get attention, you can opt for a headband with rhinestones, 
sequins or even some feathers, or you can use a small brooch if you are a little more classic


Sports headbands

The sport headbands are functional accessories designed to hold hair away from your face and prevent sweat from your eyes. These come in a variety of fabrics including plush and absorbent cotton and nylon blends. These headbands used to come in a few styles, but in recent years, sports headbands come in a variety of designs to match with your training gear.


The 60 may be in the past, but the styles remain  fashion and current.

Headbands with a lot of flowers or plain and used in the forehead,

 Scarves or handkerchiefs are especially nice during the summer months, as many are made of lightweight materials that hold the hair without overheating. 

Scarves come in a variety of designs and colors, making them a popular addition to almost any outfit. They usually  have  elastic that hides behind a  tied knot, making them easy to use.

You can buy these items and more in my shop