Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello, it's me again

Hello, it's me again

For long time I have not written here because I've been spending all my time in writting knit and crochet patterns. 

 I'm doing this is because I can not work on big things as i used to do before. A health problem does not allow me to knit or crochet in the way as I did before. 

 Most of my patterns are easy to make and they have both, written instructions and many pictures to guide you through the work. 

These are the last ones... do you like them?

 My patterns can be found in my Craftsy  

Visit ToppyToppyKnits's Craftsy Pattern Store »

And Etsy Shops

In Etsy you can find many of the patterns, as well as a lot of things that I have made during this year before my health problem. There you can find supplies, embroidery and cross stitch complete kits and much more. 

 I hope you can visit both shops and maybe find something you like, for you or for give it as a gift in this upcoming holidays.

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