Saturday, October 29, 2011

If we set our minds to win, we win.


There once was a person who lived next to a road where he sold some delicious meatballs with bread. He was very busy and therefore did not hear radio, did not read the newspapers or watching television. He rented a piece of land, put a big fence and announced his merchandise shouting their lungs:
'Buy delicious hot meatballs.'

And people bought them. Increased purchase of bread and meat. He bought a bigger field to look after his business, and worked as arranged for his son left the University where he studied Commercial Sciences to help him.

However, something very important happened, his son said: 'Old, do not you listen to the radio or read newspapers ...?. We are experiencing a serious crisis!. The situation is really bad, worse could not be! '.
The father thought, 'My son is studying at the University, read newspapers, watch television and listen to the radio. You should know better than me what's going on ... '

He then bought less bread and less meat. He took the billboard, left the land rent in order to eliminate the expense and announced no rich meatballs with bread. And sales were falling every day.
'You were right, my son,' said the boy. 'Truly we are suffering a great crisis. "

Let us not talk of crisis.
Let's just good business, good jobs and good jobs.
If you are programmed to fail, fail.
If we set our minds to win, win.
It's simply a personal choice.

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