Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knitting and crocheting like crazy

Almost a week since the last post, I have been working so hard making and 
promoting my accessories.
  I started pinning, I would like your comments about this, please
take a little time to check the links and comment something
It meants a lot to me

In Etsy, I made some Treasuries showing my friend's work This one is named 

 " Incredible Chocolate, aromatic, cozy, warm, glamorous...delicious"

I made it thinking in my MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO

The third one is 

Pink flowers and love

My work is in some treasuries too

Featuring my Knit Beret in Autumn mixed tones


Featuring my Knit headband calorimetry style in rainbow colors

Another one

Featuring my Homer Simpson Beanie

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