Monday, December 5, 2011

Etsy Teams Newsletter delivered good news

The newsletter from Etsy teams delivered good news

Team Spirit Award!

Congratulations to the Promoting Creative Friends team

 to whom I am honored to present this week's Team Spirit Award.

 The name of this group says it all, and fittingly,

 the cardinal membership requirement is that

everyone must "be nice to each other ."

This is a collection of enthusiastic and driven individuals

who are constantly working to improve themselves

 and help support one another's small businesses.

 We recieved a record number of nominations for this team,

 which speaks to the energy and devotion of the members.
Hooray for promoting your creative friends!

Congratulations to all my teammates

Specially to Audrey our Captain and all our Leaders

PCF Team

PCF Team

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katkero said...

Good news.
Congratulations to all on the team.