Thursday, December 22, 2011

Working on fingerless gloves

Why? well, because are my best sellers, in all styles
and sizes,  wristlets, wrist warmers,
 fingerless gloves, wristers,  
 or driving gloves they're all fashionable.

Keep your hands warm and toasty!  

I have been playing with different yarns and so pleased
with the results

For this ones I used a blend of cotton and acrylic yarn, supersoft
and stretchy and added a fuzzy multicolored trim.

This ones were made from two strands, one of Simply Soft
and other of Diamante from Tamm
For the trim, I used eyelash tweed.

For all the others,  I need better pictures

there is a cute white pair, with special and fun yarn, 

another brown, with cooper fuzzy trim


the other one is adorned with pink black and likac 

fuzzy yarn,

I hope I can get the new pictures tomorrow

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