Saturday, May 5, 2012

A headband can be a functional or decorative hair accessory and sometimes both.

Headbands are a wonderful option to hold hair away from your face or eyes pushing your hair without a hair boobled ponytail. A headband can be a functional or decorative hair accessory and sometimes both. There is a great variety of headbands that include fully round headbands that may tie, or may have elastic to keep them in place around the head.

Half bands sit on the top of the head and come down on each side to the middle of the ears. Some half bands and round bands have teeth that help secure the band and keep the hair in better place.

The thin headbands are so classic and chic so they can be pretty but still functional.
You can use them on curly or straight hair, with or without bangs!

Some  of the easiest ways to use them :

First you want to create an off-center part, after this  place the headband around the center of your forehead and use only your fingers to loosen and lift hair at the crown.

Another way is to style your hair into loose waves and then part down the center. Now, slide on a pretty headband about three inches from your hairline, then, let your hair to cover some of the headband.

Make an off-center part, then slip a fabric headband over hair just at the hairline. Pull a few pieces forward to frame your face.

Add volume by gently teasing hair at your crown, then place a double-strap headband just behind your ears.

Material choices include leather, stretchy fabrics for round bands, plastic, and fabric over plastic or wire. Skinny and wide bands exist and some are suited for wear by adults, while others are smaller and made for children, usually girls. Most headbands contain some give so they can fit on different sized heads and so that they will stay in place. Older bands may stretch after a while and slip. Some styles are very expensive and can contain real jewels or rare materials.

Headbands should also be stretchable in order to fit snugly around your head. Headbands that are too tight will irritate your forehead; headbands that are too loose will fall out of place while you are engaged in activity.

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