Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The incredible Journey of a Crochet Hat

  This morning, the postman handed me a very strange package,
 very wrinkled, dirty, full of poststamps, handwritten notes and stickers.

I recognized my handwriting, so I began to  carefully check the package.
 It turned out to be a crochet hat that I had sent to one of my nieces that lives in Mexico.

It was originally mailed out on March 13, and it came back to me on May 29,
 two and a half months after dropping it off at the local post office. 
I thought it had been swallowed by the postal system!

Checking the labels and following the notes, this is the account of the hat's long journey:

March 13th: received at the local post office. First postage stamps and stickers put on it.

March 29th: reached Guadalajara, (regular time for delivery of packages in my country).
 Second seal.

April 2nd:  allegedly intent to deliver. The postal clerk puts two stamps 
and a handwritten note stating "the number does not exist"

April 4th: Is received in the post office in that same city, where it is being keept two more weeks.

A[ril 20: From that post office, the package is mistakenly sent to India. 
What? Can't they read? The sender clearly says USA

There are more postmarks, completely indecipherable,

I immediately contacted my niece to double check the address, and the address is correct. 
How could this happen? Perhaps the mailman was too lazy to deliver the package, and decided to just say that the address didn't exist!

All in all, all that was lost was  ten dollars and  a whole lot of wasted time.

This is the traveler hat


SuziesImaginarium said...

Aw, I just hate it when things like this happen, but on the upside...you got it back!

Rosio said...

Jajajaja q historia.. Tipica del correo mexicano.. Mira q hasta se paseo por India.. wow!