Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boot Fashion

 Have you tried the freshests accessories in boot fashion?

 Boot toppers, Boot Socks  boot cuffs,  spats

If you're sick of wearing the same old boots and want to change things up,
 you can wear these over almost any pair of boots, slippers or shoes that you like. 
Much of the shoe is covered, so it's really up to you

It creates an illusion that you have a new pair of boots on - 
so it will look and feel like you're wearing new ones

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You can opt for the cuffs, the ones that fold over the top of a boot and get the look of long chunky socks without the bulky sweaty sock to go with it! 
They’ll stretch to neatly fit your boots and then keep out the cold in style!
They go down just far enough to hug your leg and stay on and hidden underneath your boots

Other kind are, the toppers, that can be layered over boots and skinny jeans, 
They are longer, like a sleeve that slip on top of your boot, 
giving them a whole new identity.  

Maybe you preffer a spat kind of cover that changes the look of a pair of boots that you just are not in love with anymore , they keep your ankles warm while polishing off your look  

                 Boot cuffs




2justByou said...

I think these are GREAT! I just need some boots now...
Stopping by from Meet & Greet Hop. Thanks for linking up!

LisaS said...

These are cute!