Monday, January 28, 2013

Handmade With Love

Looking for a special and unique gift for your Valentine this year? 

Handmade items make the perfect Valentine gifts. 

They are very special, unique, one of a kind, and most importantly made with love! 

 Handmade Items will bring a smile to your Valentine's face, which means more kisses for you!!!

The following Handmade Circle Team shops are excited and happy 
to be able to help you with your Valentine Shopping.  
You can browse any or all these shops by clicking on the Candy Hearts. 
 Also some of these shops are offering a special discount that you will just Love as well!!!

 Handmade Goods for Baby Home and You! 
14% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Gemstone flower necklaces, wire wrapped jewelry & more. 
10% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Creating custom, unique, personalized graphics & knits.
15% off with coupon HMCLOVE

We offer handmade accessories for children, women, and your home.

Boho Jewelry, Boho Fashion, Crochet, & Macrame.
10% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Finely handcrafted artisan jewelry since 1983.
FREE Shipping with coupon HMCLOVE.

Funky Handmade Ponchos, Handmade Socks, Boleros, & More.

Swarovski, Seasonal and Vintage Jewelry & accessories.
20% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Adorable and affordable handmade hair accessories. 
15% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

All Jewelry & Accessories are approved by Mother Nature.
10% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Handcrafted Soy Candles, Soaps, Air Fresheners, & More.
15% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Handmade Baby and Toddler Quilts/Blankets and Decorative Quilts.

Original Mosaic Fine Handmade Art.
10% off with coupon HMCLOVE

The Perfect Headband!
10% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Handmade Purses, Totes, Bible Covers, & Home Accessories.


High Quality Handmade Accessories.
15% off with coupon HMCLOVE.

Unique Handmade Items -  Crocheted scarves and hats, beaded jewelry, & purses
 GYPSY15 for 15% off

Wind Chimes, Garden Art, & Metal Stamped Necklaces.

Hair Clips and Headbands for Newborn Babies, Children, & Adults.
20% off with HMCLOVE

Careful thought & Love of Gems goes into every piece.
5% off with HMCLOVE

Give Handmade Love this Year, Handmade with Love is the best Love!

thanks to Marsha 


2justByou said...

Awesome list of shops offering great discounts for this Valentine's Day! Thank you. I'll have to go and check out some of these shops. =0)

GypsythatIwas said...

I thought I was on the list, too. GypsythatIwas - GYPSY15 for 15% off in my shop on Etsy!