Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Versatile Bobby Pin

The Versatile Bobby Pin  a simple hair accessory that is easy to use and inexpensive.

Bobby pins can go from pinning back your side-swept bangs
 to perfectly holding your special updo in place for these big days. 

Remember the days when Bobby pins only came in 
some shadows for blondes, redheads, brown, or black-haired? 
The rule was: match your pins with your hair color.

Now, bobby pins feature all the colors and styles you can imagine.
 From bright and neon, to neutral and pastel colors, plain, glittered, twisted etc.

Bobby pins are often embellished with everything from crystals to semi-precious or precious stones.
Bobby pins embellished with Swarovski crystal pearls or  crystals are very popular with brides.  Many brides will layer jeweled encrusted bobby pins under a clear veil, it creates a spectacular effect. 

 The trend "visible bobby pin" is a great way to add a splash of color
 to any outfit create a great focal point for the face and also a fun conversation topic.


It's easy to play with colored bobby  pins, the easiest way to try the trend is
 to opt for a bobby pin that contrasts with the color of your hair. 
If you have red strands, brunettes or blondes, chose black hair pins.
 For black or dark brown hair go has white paws or gold. 

Consider the strategic location of bobby pins, 
 you want to keep them above eyebrows. 
Place higher, and there is a risk of looking like a first grader.

 Try crossing the layers or just side by side. 

For little girls 

  Line embellished bobbies along one side.
There are endless ways to use bobby pins for quick and fun new styles!