Sunday, March 2, 2014

The stress of dealing with unemployment

How a job loss affects  health 

The stress of dealing with unemployment 

Losing a job is a traumatic experience, whether the dismissal has been due to cuts or job performance.

  Losing the job suddenly,  makes you to experiment a whole range of emotions, the shock that suffers somebody  that lost a job  can be  comparable to the loss of a loved one.
 Many people experience a variety of symptoms including shock, confusion, anger, denial and depression.

The person who has lost his job can be under enormous pressure by various factors. The main concern is usually the danger of running out of resources by not having any income.

There are many people who unfortunately does not receive unemployment benefits or even a minimal help, this of course causes to have to tease out the little savings that were saved, and just because these savings and money goes so easy, nerves and worries about the situation is accentuated increasingly seeing that the everything is getting worse day by day and expectations of finding a job is slowly evaporating.

 Then, repeat this every day, month after month, they start to despair . And when they do not know to do with despair and anger, not know exactly who rebel against and demand what they want, it is then that begin to save this inner rustration, which sooner or later will become depression .

The feeling of being useless and have the moral on the ground, spend hours and days doing nothing, the impotence of going to hundreds of places looking for a job, send resumes to companies and do anything possible to get a job and  receive the typical "we'll get back to you"  or  "not the profile we are looking for" makes them to feel more bad.
Unemployment can soon become a nightmare for the sufferer and for those around him...his family.

Depression is repressed anger, often caused because although  having a degree, many years of experience and service, tireless desire to work and never give up overtime, they end up jobless, with heart problems and without pension.

Heart attacks are significantly more common (27 %) among the unemployed recently, regardless of the type of occupation they had.

And the effect is cumulative: the chances of having a heart attack increases 63 % among those who have lost four or more jobs .


2justByou said...

It is definitely stressful to lose one's job. Sometimes people might not know just how bad it can be. Thank you for this post and shedding some light for those that might not even think about what all a job loss entails.

Marsha Jaramillo said...

This happened to my husband after being on the job for over 10 years. The shock was very upsetting to him. Having the support of his family and friends helped him to not feel like a failure.
His brother quickly invited him to work with him as a home remodeler.
He then put the word out to friends that he was looking for work. An old boss from the same industry as the job he lost, who he had worked for before, called and offered him a job making what he should have been making for the other company.
He is now self-employed as a home remodeler and it gets stressful when the work slacks off. But, we just put the word out to past customer's and before long he has plenty of work again.

Melanie Ledford said...

Yes, it is more stressful than some realize. Thanks for taking time to recognize all the difficulties that are faced with a loss of job.