Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips to buy the best Hat for your toddler

A toddler's ears get cold quickly in the winter air. 
Making your child comfortable in the cold is very important
 especially if they are playing outside for long time. 
Here are some things to look for when you choose a hat for a toddler.

Choose a winter hat that covers your child's entire head and both ears. 
Ear flaps on hats are great and ensure that those little body parts are covered. 
Some hats have ear flaps that fold up and down.
 This is helpful if you are in and out of the car or home a lot.

Select a hat with a chin strap 
if your toddler wants to pull the hat off his head.
 Chin straps snap, tie or use fastening tape-closures 
under the chin to keep the hat in place.

Take your toddler shopping with you and let her select the hat. 
Winter hats come in all colors and styles. 
Some have fun balls on top or are in the shape of dogs or cartoon characters.
 If your tot is hat-fussy, letting him choose the perfect hat might be the key to keeping one on his head.

Think twice about buying a fleece hat.
Fleece hats tend to produce static and will make your toddler's hair a clingy mess when you remove it. Little girls with long hair especially need to steer clear of fleece.

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Shelly said...

Oh my gosh, I think these are THE msot adorable hats for kids!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Toppy Toppy said...

Thank you Shelly I have lots of different hats for kids here

Shelly said...

I posted your link to your blog on my FB (personal) pg. & I also wrote on my DIL's pg. abt. the hats---my lil granddaughter lives in the UK and these hats would look darling on her!

Toppy Toppy said...

Thank you Shelly