Saturday, November 19, 2011

My New Fingerless Gloves

One of the best reasons to wear fingerless gloves is 
that you get all the style benefits of gloves and mittens
 while still keeping your fingers free to type,
 text message or reach into your purse.

 Acting as arm warmers,
 these gloves will keep your arms and hands from chilling
 without becoming too bulky or burdensome.

The open design of fingerless gloves also makes it easier to wear rings.
 Since your fingers are free, you can wear as many rings as you want
 without snagging your gloves.

 Fingerless gloves are also a great way to keep your hands warm 
while showing off your manicure.

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Gloria Prater, Whole Health Educator said...

Love your fingerless gloves. I crochet but have yet to learn how to crochet but your gloves getting me thinking that I should give knitting a try because I really like the way it looks vs. crochet gloves.

Toppy Toppy said...

Thank you! I love doing both, knitting and crocheting.