Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scarves, Cowls and Scarflettes Winter Must-Haves

Scarves, Cowls and Scarflettes

  Winter Must-Haves


Aside from keeping your neck warm, 
scarves brighten up the cold and dreary months by adding a splash of color to your outfit. 
The best scarves are colorful with a fun pattern   
Whether your grandmother knitted it or you bought one at the mall, 
make sure your scarf is long and skinny; otherwise it'll look silly when you tie it around your neck!

 Tie It This and That Way

The easiest way to wear a scarf is to drape it around your neck and flip one end around. You can also wrap it loosely around your neck a few times, or fold it in half and pull one end through. If you want to tie it, you can make a single knot or tie it into a loose necktie.  

Do you know what a cowl is? 
Have you seen them, but wonder what to do with cowls? 
A cowl is a knit or crocheted tube,  it drapes at the neckline. 
Something like a turtleneck without the shirt, 
a hooded tube scarf, or even a lighter infinity scarf.

Scarflettes or Neckwarmers

  The wind throws your scarf off your shoulder all the time? 
It is difficult time to stuff the long ends into your winter coat? 
  Scarflettes or neckwarmers are your best option.
They wrap snugly around your neck with buttons 
or a fancy Pin to hold them in place! 


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