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How to Wear Winter Hats to Look More Stylish

To keep warm and cozy and during  winter, it’s imperative that you use a hat, a winter hat can be a stylish accessory in addition to keeping you warm. There are too many of winter-style hats, there are some style tips to help make sure you are wearing them correctly.  

Determine your facial shape when choosing a winter hat. Just as sunglasses or another accessory complements your facial shape, so do hats. 

If you have a round or square facial shape, choose a hat that has a low profile and straight brim. 

For long faces, choose a low profile hat with a wide brim, and for oval faces, generally every style of hat works. 

Wear a hat that is the proper size. Wearing a hat too big or small can create a larger or smaller face proportion, which can be unflattering.

Style your hair simply when wearing a winter hat. 
Cold damp air may cause hair to lose shape or frizz, so keeping it in a low ponytail or bun will keep your look sleek and put-together.


Beanie Hats

The most common style of winter hat is the beanie. It has the shape of a skull cap, and is worn snugly on top of the head. 
There are all sorts of styles of beanie. Some of which are extra long so you can fold the bottom of the hat up to provide more warmth at the ears, some have puffy balls of fabric at the top of the hat (for decoration) and some even have visors to help keep the sun out of your eyes on bright days.

Avoid beanie winter hats if you have curly hair that tends to frizz in damp weather. The beanie sits close to the head, which can make hair ends frizz up and out,  curly hair just looks funny under this look. 

The best type of hair to wear with beanies is long sleek hair, to accent the tighter hat. Choose a solid color beanie to go with your wardrobe.  Wool knit hats keep the head warm, and still look stylish.  

Knitted Beret:

Got a short ‘do to keep under wraps? Want to hide a hideous haircut? Then a knitted beret is the way to go for you. This is a super cute look for any hair length, but works best with short or tucked away hair.

Do NOT pull your hair back into your beret. You’ll look completely goofy! Frame your face by leaving your hair down and placing the beret an inch or so past your hairline. If you want to cover your head more, make sure you have some bangs or a few strands around your face pulled out
 Wear it slouchy
Don’t pull the beret tightly over your head. If you want to wear the hat like that, just wear a knit cap instead. Leave the beret slouchy and loose. Tilt it back on your head or slightly to the side and let gravity do the rest.

  Knitted Newsboy:  
The knitted newsboy cap is the undisputed winner of winter hat looks. 
Fun and chic at the same time, this look works with fancy trenches and simple sweaters. 
With a sleek pony tale, this look tops off any outfit for instant style.

 Don’t cover your eyes. Make sure that you are wearing newsboy hat properly on your head,
 not on your eyes.  

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